What does this year mean to you?  Are you challenged to up the ante?

I was not feeling challenged until I received this wonderful anniversary present!

Happy Anniversary

Do you see the stinger?  Yep, at the bottom.

Now, my new year’s resolution has to be something over-the-top.  

Not weight loss, although, it is on the list.

Vacation?  Hawaii, YES!!! But, that is for our 20th anniversary.

Kids?  We are good, thanks.

House renovations? We took a wall out this year, so no to that one, too.


I have to say life is good.  Life is really good.  

Through all these years, I have learned that family is what matters and life is too short.

So, our next journey is to slow down, connect as a family, and enjoy every day by:

  • Playing monopoly
  • Turning off electronics
  • Visiting local parks
  • Flying kites
  • Going bike riding
  • Laughing more

Over the top?  My kids think so!!!  That is our 2013 New Years Resolution.  What is yours?

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