A Hoarder in the Making??? Autism & IKEA Storage Systems



Autism related???  I don’t know, but he collects EVERYTHING.  From toilet paper rolls to stuffed animals. AND, let me tell you, he is quite creative with those toilet paper rolls too!!!

My son has Autism. And, yes, he is a collector of everything!!!!
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Solution: IKEA Storage Systems

I needed help with this project…hubby to the rescue.  After all, who is going to put it all together???

We knew we wanted shelving to hold all his “stuff.”  But, we also knew we wanted a desk as he an amazing writer.  AMAZING.

So, we started with a base to hold the desk top.  More storage people, that is the goal 😉

Base of IKEA desk
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GOAL Accomplished!!!!  IKEA Storage Systems ROCK!

IKEA Storage Systems to the Rescue!!
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