We implemented using quarters in our house to manipulate our kids behavior.  Specifically our 10 year old.  He has been over-the-top lately.

So, I reached into my bag of tricks & pulled out ABA Therapy.

We have done ABA Therapy with our youngest in the past to bring him out of his little Autism world.  It was 3 years of intense ABA therapy.  Worth-every-minute.

ABA Therapy

So, when my oldest started seething at the seams with anger, I said no more.  Time to up the ante and get my kiddo sweet kiddo back.  Time to do ABA Therapy once again.

Luckily, my hubby had just rolled all the quarters, so I just grabbed those and two glass jars.  But, you can use anything.  I had wanted it glass jars so we could write on them with dry erase markers to keep track of the $$$.  But, that did not happen.  It’s a good day when I am consistent and get the quarters done right.  ABA therapy kinda requires consistency 😉

We use the quarters for many behavioral issues:

  1. Listening…and boy you should see him.  He is lightening fast now every time I call his name.
  2. Morning Routines. You know…bed, getting dressed, teeth, breakfast, etc…
  3. Eating HEALTHY.  If he could, he would eat grease with salt every meal.   I think it is in his DNA- I have seen these habits in his uncle and grandfather!

Which brings me to the FISH OIL.  He likes the Cod Liver Oil -Lemon.  But, I could not find it locally and decided to switch it out for the Lime Omega Fish Oil by Barlean’s.  Bad move.  He does not like sweets.  You would think it would have been tart.  Nope.  Sweet.

I pour the Fish Oil for the first time and he tells me he is not going to drink it.  We do our usual routine.  Then I plop 4 quarters down. Game on, kid.  Who every drinks it first gets the quarter.

He looked at me and NEGOTIATED.

5 quarters.

I had to do a quick assessment.  What is important?  The quarters or the Fish Oil?

So, I upped the ante.  10 QUARTERS.

He chugged it.  And, now he drinks with little lip.