I can remember the exact moment in 2011 I decided to create Spectrum Parents to make their life easier.


Connor had been punished again by his bus driver. When he spoke, especially fast, he’d spit in your face. I don’t know why maybe he licked his lips too much. Who knows. Anyway, this was early on in the school year and she placed him in the seat behind her until June. And that was it.

I needed help. I needed support.

I needed validation. Most importantly I needed to find parents who were in the same boat as me & got it.

I knew I wanted Spectrum to be local and for families who had kids on the spectrum to make their life easier. It grew and grew. You guys helped me so much. The drunk laughter? Yeast. Going into himself? Diet, specifically casein. Friends – LEGO club, get-togethers, Park days, Santa & Easter. And Connor did find his person. His mom & I were ecstatic.

Life kept going and everything I did revolve around Connor, Payton, Bill & family. Most of you know I work with my mom and that we are partners in Real Estate. Because of my job and support from Bill, I was able to do all these crazy fun events – the last major one we did was close to 1000. And I cannot thank enough the friends in this group who have let us help them buy and/or sell their homes.

You guys made these dream events come true making a life easier. 

I love the excitement and pure joy on our kid’s faces – when they pop up on a surfboard for the first time, seeing Santa and his Sleigh come around the corner, eating ooey-gooey s’ mores, our kids pushing themselves to the limit at Go Ape, hunting Easter Eggs, creating Epic Scarecrows, letting my husband teach your kid how to boogie board, being able to sit in a tire so big with two other kids – perfect photo opp, and riding Grave Digger on the beach – exhilaration and happiness making a life easier.



OUR Mission

Spectrum Parents Events is for families with kids on the autism spectrum. We provide local resources, workshops, community autism events, scholarships, support, retreats, free & affordable activities for everyone in the family to make their life easier.

Want to Meet Parents Who Get It?

Our Retreats – Bath County, VA. Mountain Retreat in Shenandoah, Cape Charles and Mad Dash to Corolla, Boone NC

Our Meetups….
Easter Egg Hunts – in Virginia Beach
Santa Parties with Sleigh Rides 
Skating to the 80’s – At DOJO in Kempsville, Whale Watching – Rudee Inlet
Beach Nights – Chics Beach, Sandbridge and East Beach
Pool Night
Bon Fires – First Landing State Park
Funville – ViB & Chesapeake, Bounce House – Virginia Beach, Virginia Aquarium (sensory) Hinterland – created wreaths
Girls night out
Couples night out
Terra Gator Trip – False Cape
Surf Camps- Croatan, 5th Street
Make a Scarecrow – McDonald’s Garden Center in Virginia Beach
Yoga – both for kids and adults
Boat Tours – Moore to See in VA Beach, Adventure Park – Virginia Beach
Laughter Yoga – Virginia Beach
IFly- Virginia Beach
Mommy Needs Me Time
Parent Survival Lunch
Farm Animal Party with Teeny Tiny Farms


My Mom. My Best Friend.


Giving back to families with kids on the Autism Spectrum Parents is my passion. Need help now? Join Spectrum Parents (you must live in Hampton Roads and have a child on the spectrum) to make life easier. You do not need to be alone on this journey.

Helping first time buyers, families with kids on the spectrum, and military families move is why I became a Realtor with my mom, Pam.

Pam (MY MOM) started in Real Estate in 1984 when interest rates were crazy high – 14%. When that phone rang, you could not hear a pin drop. That’s because our house phone was her primary source of communication. She taught me her core values – you come first. PERIOD.

Making Life Easier

Making Life Easier

Wonderful ladies who can relate to military moving…

Suzi and Pam are wonderful ladies who can relate to military moving, as well as resources for schools and families with special needs children. Both were amazing in helping my husband and myself find the right house and helped me when my husband deployed before closing. When the time comes to move in the future, Suzi and Pam will be the ones I call to sell our house!
-Chad and Lynn McIntosh

Making their Life Easier

A Million and One THANKS to OUR MILITARY

Oh, how I loved moving as a kid. Getting to re-invent myself every 2-3 years…and create a fresh clean slate. California was my favorite state, by far. The beaches, the WAVES, the never-ending sunshine, the canyons, camping, not to mention the mountains & snow…. To everyone who lives the military life as I did for close to 21 years including our D.O.D., Wounded Warriors, Active Military, and Retired Military, we offer 20% of our commission to thank you when you hire us to take care of your real estate needs to make life easier.


Being a military brat, we have lived in so many cool places. And, we’ve packed and unpacked more times than we care to remember. We finally retired here in 1983.

Buying and selling a home is one of the most exciting and stressful times in your lives. We try to take that stress away. We’d rather us be up at 2am thinking about your home than you.

We LOVE helping people buy and sell homes – AND – we LOVE working together! We are the perfect Mother/Daughter team!! I bring the energy, innovative ideas and my mom, Pam brings over 35 years of experience  We use all the high tech toys and the tried and true. You sit back and relax. Leave the marketing, details, contracts, & negotiations to US!