We made these for Christmas Presents this year and I sooooo LOVE mine.

Yes, I actually benefitted from something my kids made everyone else this year.  I got one!!!! But, onto my brilliant idea…

KIDS Can Make these for Valentine’s Day:

Since they were soooo easy to make, I wanted to get it out before all the Dad’s hit the Dollar Store. Not, that we don’t love the ceramic trinkets, we do.  But, this is fun for the kids to make and your wife will love it.  And, I have not killed mine yet…so chances are you are SAFE.

KIDS Can Make these for Valentine's Day

Pinterest, where else????


Chances you are, you already have jars around you can use. I have been collected those old Ball’s Canning Jars for years, so we used those, plus other jars I have had forever.  If not, pick some jars up at the thrift stores or look under the cabinet where your wife stashes all those empty vases.  The key is they have to behave a WIDE TOP.

You have lots of things to stuff those jars with to get the look your kids want.

  1. Moss of some sort – I used the vibrant green (Craft Store)
  2. Rocks (Craft Store)
  3. Sea Glass (Craft Store, unless you have some handy)
  4. Shells (Craft Store, unless you have some handy)
  5. Tiny Succulents (we got ours from Home Depot)
  6. Cactus/Succulent potting soil (we skipped this part and used the soil that came with the plant)

For more pics and ideas on putting them together, you can search endless on Pinterest, or just go here.

KIDS Can Make these for Valentine's Day