When we were in the deep trenches of Autism, it was beyond imaginable.

Our son was gone. 

We did everything we could to pull Connor back out. Then we found our local Autism Society. They had all the resources and taught us everything we needed to know to take care of our son. Without a doubt, I will always be insanely grateful to them as they held out hands every-step-of-the-way. We started B12 shots, ABA Therapy, GFCF Diet, and insane amount of supplements and we advocated for him at school.

It took a little longer than 6 months, but slowly, he came back to us. I remember thinking, “I got my Connor back.” However, my dear friend told me that Autism would always be with us. She was so, so right. We will forever be on the “Autism Roller Coaster.”

And that is OK. We have been on this road for ELEVEN years now, so we know what works best for Connor. When Autism smacks us in the face, which comes in bursts, we reach in out bag & do what works for him – ABA, adjusting his diet and B12 shots.

Without the support we received from out local Autism Society, we would not be where we are today. PERIOD. So we give back to the Autism Community – every chance we get the the Autism Society & Spectrum Parents.

Spectrum Parents was created SEVEN years ago all because of this little guy. We now have over 1700 local autism parents sharing resources, love & support all the while giving virtual hugs & high-fives.