All of the following are in the works for Mother’s Day Month so keep MAY open!

We are celebrating Mom’s Day the whole month of May!

➖ Contest to win a night with brunch at The Historic Cavalier Hotel & Beach Club!

➖ Comedy & Autism = Best Therapy EVER with Winston Hodges!

➖ Contest to win a 10ft Long Board from Tamarindo Board Co!

➖ Blue Pete’s Restaurant Mom’s Brunch!

➖ Elfster Mom’s Month Celebration!

➖ Pick a Flower with YOUR MOM (in my garden)!

➖ Bring Art to Life – lots of us have lost someone near and dear – let’s have the kids create a drawing and we will create a stuffed animal/person/object that they can keep forever!

➖ Beach Night!

AND In celebration of Mother’s Day week, will make a donation to Spectrum Parents for every purchase made by the group. So tell them you are SPECTRUM. Kirsten – A Spectrum Mom, owns it ????

Check out our meetup ????