I just called to RSVP at the new Cantina Loredo in Virginia Beach ➖ you know for Autism on Ice?. The hostess listen to my request and then said hold on for just a second. She came back right away and said OK, four people? I said no….12 to 15. It took her a second, then she said, 12-15?? And then said, hold on, I need to get my manager. ? I’m thinking, shit, I should’ve put a cap on this thing.

Teresa, the manager, gets on the line and asks how many people and what day. I relayed it again and she says said OK ➖ like it’s no big deal. She asks for my name and my number & I gave it to her and told her I’d call her if anything changes.

Then I had to ask ➖ are you guys quaint? I’m still imagining them pushing tons of 4 tops together. Get this – they sit over 260 people. At 12-15, we might only have ONE table ? .

Even with this new info, I hate to say it, but unfortunately the whole group cannot come. But I bet 100 of us could squeeze in- ?


Text “Autism” to 757-418-6049 – and never miss an event again.

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