When I was in the trenches of autism, I desperately needed help. My youngest had regressed tremendously and we were lost. We tried everything, but support was one thing that was missing. That’s when I started Spectrum Parents. I’m beyond thrilled I started it as I had no idea how special it would be for so many families.

 But, let me tell you about our group-

You can ask for help anytime – night or day and someone is there to send you a virtual hug or high five. And Spectrum is so much more than support.

If a friend is in need, the group rallies together and donates serious cash to families so they can have a wonderful Christmas.

Lastly for now?
Our outings rock. We had a huge Santa Party this year at the Aviation Museum where every kiddo went on a sleigh ride, ate some goodies, and sat on Santa’s lap to receive a gift. It was truly a magical night.

Sensitive Santa is coming to Town in his Sleigh

We’ve been 3 times to VB Ice and it was hands down awesome. We even got some incredibly patient volunteers to help and give rides. Our last outdoor skating event is on Jan 6th.

We love Skating to the ’80s. We reserved the whole rink so kids can be kids and parents don’t have to worry about being judged. We are all in the same boat.

And as always, thanks to Christina, Meghan, and so many other members, who create outings for both parents and kids. We have brunch and lunch get-togethers monthly, not to mention all the sensory activities for our kiddos.

More fun outings to come… including Michael Israel, the Rick Star Artist! March 20th! 


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