I have learned so many do’s and don’t in be last nine years. I have three main objectives – keep the vibe, follow the rules, and definitely check out spectrum resources in our area.

Join Spectrum Parents – our local support group for families with kids on the spectrum. Complete he google form when you join.

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Group Vibe – This Sets The Tone

About ten years ago, Spectrum Parents was created. And, boy, do I cherish the love, support, and guidance in Spectrum.  

Currently, we have about 1000 members and most of us are local (Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk and beyond). We have some near and dear members who live in other states that came to us from Surfer’s Healing. 

In Spectrum Parents, we pour our hearts out about things we can’t or won’t share anywhere else. From daily concerns like stimming and sleepless nights to bigger, more HEART-STOPPING, what am I going to do concerns like: 

“Having to move and knowing the change may make your child “go into himself” for who knows how long.

Knowing your child needs more help, guidance, and care while the school turning a deaf ear.

Wondering if my child is going to make it in this world.” 

With all my heart and soul, I L-O-V-E this group. LOVE. I love that I can post at 2 am about my son not sleeping and SOMEONE will be THERE for me to give me a cyber HIGH-FIVE and give me much needed support to make it through the night. I love that it is REALLY helping other parents. 

What I love to no-end is that we have moved off Facebook and met in REAL LIFE.  

Easter Egg Hunt (I made the paper!) Surfing, Coffee & Chat with The Autism Society, Tidewater Chapter, and Beach Nights. 

Now, that we have Meet-Up, we can get together in REAL LIFE. I am over-the-top thankful for the friendships I have from this group. I KNOW that even if Facebook or Meet-Up comes crashing down one day, we will stay connected and tied together not only through our kids, but through the bonds we have created sharing, venting, and helping one another.

Join Meetup. Check out our meetups in the sidebar.

Join Spectrum Parents – our local support group for families with kids on the spectrum.

Complete the google form when you join.

A little bit about me:  

I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister…I am an amateur photographer, advocate, Realtor, Founder of Spectrum Parents, a former Special Ed Teacher and Social Worker.  

My husband and I have two sons with special needs. One has ADHD with anxiety and our youngest has Autism. We tried everything under the sun to get our youngest back when he went into himself at 3 years old: ABA, diet changes, B12 Shots, IEP, and so on. It took about 6 months, but he’s with us. He regresses, but that’s ok. ? 

Our kids are older teens. It does get easier, I promise. Reach out anytime.

Moderators and savers of the day: Meghan Ashburn and Christina Marie

Rules – This Sets the Boundaries

This is a LOCAL Group – Hampton Roads

This is a place to share tools, tips, and events for autistic adults and parents, grandparents or aunts with kids on the spectrum. We only have professional providers in the group if they are on the spectrum or has a family member on the spectrum.

Want advice or just to vent??? We can do that here, too.

This is a safe haven. We want this to be a trusting, caring environment. So, please do not share information in this group, without permission. No copying and pasting.

Also, only add people to the group who are autistic or live in Hampton Roads and have a child on the autism spectrum. Also, only individuals can join, not companies or foundations. Do not self promote, unless it’s in the business thread. This is a community so be sure to introduce yourself, post, comment & hopefully come to our events. 

BTW, photos are taken at ALL events that I attend. If you prefer your kids not to have their pictures taken, kindly ask me and I will exclude them from photos within my control.

Please no drama-meaning don’t attack others or bring up hot topics: vaccines, negative news, etc. Do not name people specifically when talking about a bad situation. All it takes is a screenshot and I do not want to go to court over slander. Posts/comments will be deleted. Please do not post news articles that don’t pertain to our area. We can certainly discuss our fears, just leave the non-local news out of it. Also, if you or your child is being sued, please don’t share it in Spectrum. All it takes is one person taking a screenshot that could be used against you in court. Plus, we have so many people in the group. As much as I try to make it a safe place, you just don’t know who is friends with a person outside of the spectrum. To boot, one of the first places attorney’s search is FB.

  1. Know that your post or comment can be deleted
  2. If you have too many posts/comments deleted, you can be muted or removed from the group.
  3. No Lurking
  4. No blocking admin or moderators
  5. Must use your real name and have a profile pic. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this group are the opinions of the members. Many of us have been on this road a long time, but what may work for one child may or may not work for your child. Be sure to talk to your child’s doctor before starting any new diet, regime, etc.

I hate legal stuff, but…. if someone should use slander/negative feedback about any service provider/teacher or use inappropriate language their post will be deleted immediately. It is okay to vent and ask for help…but, keep the drama out.
Calendar: myautismevents.com

If you are new to the Autism diagnosis, call the Autism Society – ask about Autism 101. They should be your first stop. You can reach them at 757-461-4474 or tasa@tidewaterasa.org.

Moderators and savers of the day: Meghan Ashburn​ and Christina Marie​

Helpful links – this helps you navigate easier · Updated about 7 months ago

Helpful links – this helps you navigate easier

My new page on Facebook has been coming for years. It has weekly autism events, local opportunities, and a glimpse into my journey. You can poke around, find what interests you, maybe some social activities for your family or just for YOU. fb.com/myautismevents/

➡ New Parents: HOPE

➡ Make Friends – Telephone Tree 

➡ Summer Ideas-

➡ Summer Camps – fb.com/450228368848091/posts/498949433975984?sfns=mo

Local information and resources 

➡ Top Elementary Schools for Kids with Autism in Hampton Roads: https://goo.gl/RrCjSs

➡ Plan Bee Academy –
It’s a school in Western Branch that specializes in meeting the educational needs of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related disabilities. Their focus is on the whole child and his/her family. Instruction includes academics, job readiness skills, social skills, language skills, motor skills, life skills, and independent skills.  ♥️

➡ Join our Spectrum Parents meetup: https://goo.gl/4tAYs7

➡ Autism Calendar- go out, make friends, and meet your tribe: 

➡ PEATC is a wonderful resource and one of our own works there, Amanda. I’d ask for her because she truly gets it. 

PEATC helps families…..
➖ Negotiate the education and service system maze
➖ Effectively communicate their child’s needs (from birth to age 22)
➖ Develop self-advocacy and self-determination in children and youth
➖Organize information so that overwhelming problems become manageable
➖Manage their emotions for their child’s benefit and talk so others will listen
➖Learn the difference between effective advocacy and being adversarial
➖Experience and enjoy the power of partnerships and successful collaboration

➡ Special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities: wrightslaw.com

➡ Transition HelpBook: http://www.dbhds.virginia.gov/library/developmental%20services/12-8-10transitionhelpbook.pdf

➡ Military Rebate: For Active, Retired, Wounded Warriors and D.O.D when you buy or sell a home with us. We’ve helped tons of parents navigate the area. Reach out anytime. fb.com/suziandpam/services

↓ Links…

➡ Dr. Eric Madren is an Autism Doc. Get on his waitlist now. 757-842-4110

➡ Dr. John Harrington, CHKD He also  has a son on the autism spectrum.. (757) 668-7400

➡ TASA – Autism Society –757.461.4474 and https://www.tidewaterasa.org/ (This is your first stop – Ask about Autism 101)


➡ Jennie Harz (Morgan), LPC – ASD, Couples Therapist 757-685-4453 info@wavespsychotherapyservices.com

➡ OakTree Counseling – Nikki is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She specializes in helping children, adolescents, adults, families and couples in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake find better ways to live, work and play happier: https://www.oaktreecounselor.com/


➡ FACT – Families of Autistic Children in Tidewater – 757.788.1993 and

➡ TACA – Talk About Curing Autism Now – https://m.facebook.com/tacavirginia/ and www.tacanow.org

➡ The Hitching Post -757.606. 0756 and https://www.hitchingpost.org/

➡ Social Butterflies – SOCIAL SKILLS:: -757.422.6342 and https://socialbutterfliesclub.com/

➡ Inside Out Learners – provides social skills instruction, academic tutoring, teen socials, and lots more through a variety of engaging activities: https://www.insideoutlearners.com/

➡ Vital Therapy – SPEECH AND OT: 757.499..1290 http://vitalhamptonroads.com/

➡ Pennington Group Full Spectrum Services – ABA 757-472-1930; http://penningtongroupaba.com/

➡ Hemp House Wellness -CBD Boutique: https://www.hemphousewellness.com/

➡ JT TMCA Camp Grom – Adventure Park for Wounded Warriors, the families of fallen war hero’s, and child nad adults with differing abilities: https://www.ymcashr.org/camps/ymca-jts-camp-grom

➡ Wahine Surf Camp – Our mission is to promote a healthy active lifestyle and the importance of water sports to our area, participate and support local community service programs, environmentally conscious-minded, and we host our annual event in October called Coastal Edge Surf For The Cure which is to bring awareness to breast cancer and raise funds for our local chapter Susan: https://www.wahinesurfclub.org/

➡ Moore to See Photo Expeditions Tours and Photography of wildlife, workboats, watermen, and scenery from the Chesapeake Bay region.: https://www.mooreandmorephotos.com/home

➡ Seth Broudy School of Surf – Virginia Beach’s premier surf camps & surf lessons! We offer summer surf camps and private surf lessons for all ages (6+).: http://sethbroudyschoolofsurf.com/


➡ Suzi Noyes 757-724-1064 & Pam Toth, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services

➡ Whitney West, Towne Mortgage – Loan Officer: https://whitneywest.townemortgage.us/

↓↓Disclosure: If I want to keep my job, I have to share ↓↓

Suzi Noyes, Realtor ®, M.S.Ed & Pam Toth, Realtor®, ABR, GRI 
Mom & Daughter Team (Love my MOM) 
Autism & Military Specialist #navybrat
Howard Hanna WEW, 4598 Broad St, Virginia Beach VA 23462
Licensed in VA & Equal Housing Opportunity

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