Surfing and Autism

Surfing on the Autism Spectrum

Yep, that’s my goofball…learning how to “BOOGIE IN HIS BUTT!!!”  He has been surfing ever since he was 3 years old.  Maybe 4.  AND, my son has Autism. Who would of thought, Surfing AND Autism????

From Lee’s Lil Shorebreakers to Christian Binford, a legend surfer in Virginia Beach, this summer has truly been about surf, sun, and sand.  The surfing community is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  They are beyond kind and have welcomed us with OPEN ARMS.  I love them all.

Of course, Surfer’s Healing always plays a huge roll.  Both boys of my boys rode their first wave with Surfer’s Healing.  For most kids on the spectrum, that is when parents realize, THIS IS SOMETHING MY KID CAN DO!!! Then they realize…HE LOVES THIS!!!

2012 Surfer’s Healing with Jan Solock and Lynn McIntosh.

Two wonderful moms that I get to call friends.

Nothing can really describe the feeling you get watching kids on the autism spectrum surf. They don’t even have to be your kids and you will probably cry. Happy tears.  

We have done a couple of camps in the area, WRV Surf Camp, Seth Broudy School of Surf, hired Christian Binford for one-on-one lessons, and now we are getting ready for Super Groms at ECSC 2012.

***If are really ready to take the plunge, I would start with private lessons and then build up to the surf camps.