You know when you meet someone and it feels like you’ve known them for years? That’s how I feel about Ali. We’ve been to a few events over the years, but the Terra Gator Autism Spectrum Parents Event and ourAutism Bay Photo Shoot have been my favorite.

She told me the coolest story. When she lived in Portland, she came across my Autism Awareness blog post. It had facts from the experts (Spectrum Parents) for the whole month of April. My school – Kempsville Elementary – even implemented the program. She asked her school to do it too AND they DID. When she moved here, she joined Spectrum Parents and realized that blog post was mine – it truly is a small world.

Heidi is one of those people too. Her husband was stuck in Germany and had a medical crisis. She desperately wanted to go see him, but that was not an option. Instead another parent from Spectrum Parents read her post and happened to be in Germany too. So, she went and visited Heidi’s husband. Now that’s epic.

I love our group.

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