Auction at Ocean 27:

Win a Surfer!

Click, surf, and have a crazy fun night bidding on surfers at Ocean 27. Win and get a lesson from “your surfer.” You are going to create magical moments to treasure forever.

When? Oct 10th at 4pm

Where? Ocean 27- Virginia Beach

Fee: Free thanks to our wonderful community. 


Some of our Amazing Surfers

United Souls Band! LIVE!


The Buckets – are you going to have one?


Who are we?

Our nonprofit organization is all about helping autism families. We’d love it if they could do everything they want to without fearing society’s unspoken rules.

The fears of how others might glare, bully, snicker, or treat our kids in public is too much. When we started meetup events, everything changed. From there, our goal was to organize over-the-top events for autism families who normally wouldn’t leave their homes. We are tickled pink they are comfortable and take off their coat of armor and attend our events. They know it’s a “safe zone.” We all need to be accepted and you get that at Spectrum Parents Events.


Thanks to our sponsors for making this event FREE to attend!