Trying anything new can be hit or miss. Bubbles. What could go wrong with bubbles??? Well… today turned cold quickly, so definitely need to do this indoors or wait for a nicer day – and most likely have it on the weekend. I picked Mt Trashmore because of the golden glow it offers at sunset, but I’m thinking a smaller setting might be better to keep the kids in one place. #bubbles

This ⬇️ is why we do it. Cold, upset kids, and reports from school that makes us want to crawl under a rock – for the rest of the winter. But then we remember that just a few minutes outside – with autism families who accept you – can make a world of difference.

“It was a little cold and windy but still managed to take away some joy before my kiddo fell in a mud puddle. I found my victory for the day. Top of the mountain!!” – Dawn

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With all my heart and soul, I L-O-V-E this group. LOVE. I love that I can post at 2am about my son not sleeping and SOMEONE will be THERE for me to give me a cyber HIGH-FIVE a…

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