Life at the Beach is BETTER with KelsKids

Kids on the Autism Spectrum crave – really crave – sensory input.  Jumping in the water, building insane confidence and balancing skills are just a few of the incredible things our kids learn with KelsKids.




So many smiles, so much fun! Thank you Kelly Maier for letting me be a part of many, many proud moments. It was such a joy to hear the laughter and see all the faces light up with JOY every time they paddled away, surfed, and learned a new skill, which was too many to count.

I don’t want summer to ever end!!!

While watching the video, please change the settings to a higher definition – the pics will be much, much crisper!

Photography is my passion, but Real Estate is how I feed my family and support the Autism Community – every chance I get through Spectrum Parents.

Parents of KelsKids, here are all the photos from the slideshow without my logo.  Please download, share, print & frame!  They are yours.  Much love!