Buying a Home with a Child on the Autism Spectrum?

  • Schools are always important to a family with a child with Autism. When searching, many of our buyers stick to Chesapeake or Virginia Beach. is a great place to start. Even better, Join Spectrum Parents and ask local parents specific questions about elementary, middle or high schools.
Different cities offer different programs for kids on the Autism Spectrum. Call the schools ahead of time, send them your child’s IEP and ask what schools are most appropriate.  .

Search by Schools

  • Areas are next in line. Virginia Beach is my favorite because so many kids on the Autism Spectrum crave water. The ocean is like a big washing machine and my son gets all his sensory needs met at the beach. Sand, wind, waves – it is all there for him. Next, Virginia Beach has over 200 parks, First Landing State Park, and False Cape just to mention a few, not to mention other activities like Ocean Breeze, KelsKids, POWER, and McDonald Garden Center. 

POWER is a running group for kids with disabilities. The coaches ROCK and the kids LOVE it.

Our other cities have amazing activities for our kids too. I am obsessed with Norfolk Botanical Gardens because they create a different theme each year.  They also have standing activities that are insanely sensory driven. Portsmouth Children’s Museum is a must visit as well. It is very hands on and it has been just renovated. Spectrum Parents is going on Friday to let their kids explore, touch and bond as parents.

  • Services are fabulous in our area. Tidewater Autism Society has Autism 101. If you are new to the Autism Diagnosis or new to the are, call now:  757-461-4474. You will leave with a road map and a huge 3 ring binder.  Spectrum Parents, and F.A.C.T. are also in Virginia Beach. There are tons and tons of activities for parents and kids on the Autism Spectrum in Virginia Beach.