Crawlin' Crab

RUN???  Only if you are chasing me!!!!

I have never been a runner.  When I was in middle school, I envisioned a chocolate cake in order to make the 4 laps, which equaled a mile.  Yep, I was that girl.  My husband on the other hand, was an athlete.  He played soccer year round, surfed, and played football. He could run a 5:30 mile. WOW.

I changed my tune when Coach Todd Humphrey and his team started NEW ENERGY P.O.W.E.R. My husband and I decided we wanted to join and get our boys running. We knew it would benefit our oldest who has ADHD. We were all for him burning off energy.

Our youngest is more like me.  He needs a little incentive (HAHA).

Coach Todd is wicked cool with the kids.  He never stops – always positive.  Always a can-do attitude.  He is simply amazing.  And, he understands the incentive thing.  Coach Todd also has a son on the Autism Spectrum.

Crawlin' Crab

Coach Todd pacing his son at the Crawlin’ Crab. Insanely incredible moment.

Crawlin’ Crab Race? At 7:30am in Hampton?

We were thrilled, THRILLED, to sign up for this race.  It was a 1k, which is .62 miles.  The boys should’ve KILLED this race.  We have been training THREE days a week. My husband runs with our youngest non-stop.  This was supposed to be a shoe-in.


Our oldest vomited on the course, but kept running. Amazing.  Just AMAZING.

Crawlin' Crab

Poor kiddo 🙁

And our youngest WALKED, yes, WALKED some of it.  My husband was beyond disappointed. But, after we expressed how we felt, our youngest decided he did not earn his medal and gave it to me.

Crawlin' Crab

What Did We Learn?

  1. Our oldest should have skipped this one.
  2. My husband should have ran with our youngest.
  3. We should have pumped them up more for the race.
  4. AND, we should have given our youngest  an incentive to run the whole race.

Off to Mt. Trashmore

There was no way I was going home with one sick kid, another one almost in tears, and a frustrated husband.

So, we decided, “as a family,” that we would head to Mt. Trashmore.  Our youngest would run around the small mountain, without stopping, to earn his medal. It is about a half of a mile.  Our oldest went to the top of the hill to watch him the whole time so our youngest felt safe.  Then, they ran the last bit in together – all the while our oldest cheering him on to finish.

Crawlin' Crab

Brothers. Love. Proud Parents.

He was insanely proud when he finished.  He ran it in 5 minutes and “gave his best effort.” Everyone felt better.  My sons.  My husband.  All was right with the world.

Crawlin' Crab

He DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

Crawlin’ Crab Video

Life is GOOD.

Photos: Crawlin’ Crab 1K Race (they are yours – to print, share, love, and frame)