Autism Society, Tidewater

Last night at the Tidewater Autism Society Board Meeting, we talked about the new group for “guys.”

The first meet-up is going to be at the Endpendence Center next Tuesday, November 27th.

Dads, NOT MOMS, are going to share their experience with Autism. Things like how they handled the diagnoses, did they experience  a “denial phase” or did they jump in with both feet, what helped their child the most, etc.  All are welcome to this general meeting.  Moms too.  And of course, child care will be provided-first come, first serve.

I am excited about the above, but more excited about the possibilities of this group.  If it takes off, their will be golf outings, football games at Gators, and other “guy stuff.”  I hope my husband joins.


Because there is nothing like hanging out with other parents who “get-it.”

I know this first hand because of Spectrum Parents.  Since we started the meet-up, we have been getting together more and more.  I have meet wonderful people and developed great friendships that I would not have had otherwise.

Now, do I think Dads are going to talk like we do?  Um, no.  But, they will have an underlying commonality that makes life a lot easier.

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