Yesterday all of my son’s teachers and I met to review his daily behavior sheet.  The one we have been using since first grade.  I was a tad nervous going into this meeting because they were suggesting CHANGE.  You may have sensed my anxiety about this meeting in Switching Gears.

But, I have to say it. I LOVE my son’s new third grade teacher.

AND-truth be told the new daily behavior sheet is fantastic.  Now he makes his own goals, is way more accountable and actually reflects on his behavior.  I could not be happier!! 

Today he used it for the first time.  When he came home, I asked him what he earned.  ONE PENNY.

His goal was to earn 5.

I was not happy.

So, we came up with a plan.  Since he is not allowed to use electronics of any kind during the week (M-TH), naturally he will work hard for TV time. This is his motivation. Here is the plan:

For every penny he earns, he gets to watch 1 minute of TV.

I know, it’s a little on the tough side.  But, he can do it.  AND, he has already problem solved- he plans to save up minutes. He needs 15 minutes to watch Annoying Orange.  If your kid has not seen this show yet, BLOCK it NOW.

And on the back of his sheet, he reflects on his behavior:

behavior sheet

After I sign it, he takes back to school.  THEN, she is going to save the sheets in a 3 ring binder till the end of the year.  WOW. I don’t have to keep them-AND- they will be organized???  Did I say I love her yet???

By the way, I think we could ALL benefit from a sheet like this one!! Well, at least I could!