Why DONATE to Spectrum Parents

An Endorsement:
I am writing to highly endorse my friend Suzi Noyes. The group she formed to support autism families is nothing short of amazing. It is a place where there is unequivocal support, any time of the day or night. No question is stupid, no issue too big or too small for someone in the group to quickly help with. Having a child with autism can be very isolating. It is just so nice to have a “tribe” of people that you can go to any time. The “meetups” for adults and kids are such an amazing opportunity for our families to meet people who “get” us or our kids. And it is quite honestly invaluable for the children to socialize without judgement. Please consider donating in honor of all the families she has brought together.
Thank you
Karin Garrett

Some Testimonials:
I appreciate you all! This group really has changed our lives. Dont know where we would be without this group 💕 – Julia

I’m sorry ladies. I appreciated this group before I went on an Autism on the Seas cruise & now that I’m back even more. Speaking to people that live in other cities, they do not have the support & outlets we have. Thank you for everything you do & the next time I can make it to an outing, I owe you all a drink (coffee, wine, etc.) – Tiffany

Not sure what I would have done without this group. We appreciate all the support and information shared. Thanks to guidance provided by members of this group our boy has a pretty amazing quality of life. This group rocks!!!! Thank you admin for all that you do 😊

I’m sure I’ve said it before I love this group! Y’all are amazing. The support is remarkable.

This is one of the most supportive groups I’ve ever been a member of. We’re all here to help. If anyone here feels overwhelmed or need a break, an ear to listen and a shoulder, I am available through messenger!.