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Spectrum Parents Testimonials:

– I appreciate you all! This group really has changed our lives. Don’t know where we would be without this group 💕 – Julia

– I’m sorry ladies. I appreciated this group before I went on an Autism on the Seas cruise & now that I’m back even more. Speaking to people that live in other cities, they do not have the support & outlets we have. Thank you for everything you do & the next time I can make it to an outing, I owe you all a drink (coffee, wine, etc.) – Tiffany

– I love Spectrum Parents. This group has helped me so much. I have 2 special needs boys. One of which is on the spectrum. I love how everyone is there for each other! I love how my boys can attend AMAZING events with no worries. He can be himself without judgment of others. Suzi always makes sure we always have a lot of things to do all year long and most of which we wouldn’t be able to do without her! I also love that there are also events for the parents to attend just for us to unwind and know we are not alone on this journey. I am beyond grateful and so blessed to be a part of this group! It has been truly life changing!! -Kelli