The Dreaded Weekly Letter

My youngest, who is on the Autism Spectrum, did not finish his weekly letter at school this week, so on I gave him a deadline. Monday.  He had to finish it before Monday. Not Monday afternoon.

We tried a couple of times on Saturday to work on it.  Then, on Sunday afternoon, we tried again for a bit.  But after the tears started rolling,  I-gave-up- and told him to put it away and we will work on it “later.”

Fast forward to this morning…

I rolled out of bed about 5am and low and behold, guess what I found on the breakfast bar???

Deadlines and Autism

 Deadlines and Autism

Lesson Learned???

Oh, I hope I have finally learned this lesson!  If you tell a child with Autism to get something done, he WILL get-it-done.  If you tell him, we will do “later,”  that does not mean tomorrow, that means by the DEADLINE.  There are RULES, you know.  

Proud Mommy???

YEP!!  I am over the top proud of him!!  He went from crying and getting stuck to re-writing the whole thing and finishing it in 12 MINUTES.  LOVE.THAT.KID.