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Are you a “project person?” Prove it ;)

June 7 @ 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT

My Autism Events

Next up! Do you have the perfect Airbnb that priced reasonably? Or VRBO? Does it have fun things to do? Want to go on a retreat for free? Yes?

It is $5 per entry. See PayPal below.

Share Your Details:
1. City, State
2. Link to house
3. Why did you pick it?
4. How much per person?
5. Less than a 4.5 hour drive from VB
6. The retreat must be a home and sleep 6-10 people
7. It cannot be your own property.
8. Only adults
9. Must fill out this form:
10. Due by June 7th

The board will vote and let everyone know 😉 Good luck & have fun!
* Meals, alcohol and snacks aren’t included.