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Leaf Fall Fun Art at We Rock the Spectrum!

September 29, 2019 @ 1:00 pm 3:00 pm

Join Art Unplugged at We Rock the Spectrum Gym for some Fall Art Fun with Art Unplugged- age 3-12!
So that we can “hit the spot” for all of our budding artists, we will have a variety of things to choose from our Leaf themed event at We Rock the Spectrum!

What we will be doing:
• Your child can choose to make a cool Paper Leaf Lantern; a nice to have and very peaceful to make craft you can safely light up with an electric tea light for their rooms for calming effects!
• Or choose to make Yarn or Glitter Leaf Art; great for those wanting to work with new textures!
• Or if they love to just paint, they can choose to make some leaf art with acrylic paints and real leaves! Leaf imprints, painted leaves, or even leaf silhouettes! Getting messy is ok, and makes it better!

• The event is from 1-3pm Sunday Sept 29th. Seats are limited so sign up fast!
• First, we will have a chat time where we get settled and we will talk with our kids about what we will be being doing, and about having fun and being in the moment, no stress!
• Then we will do our art time.
• When done, then the kids will get 15-30 min of gym time afterwards, depending on when they finish up, to get out the wiggles and play!

Cost (*cost plus small event fee):
One Child is $25- within ages 3-12 (email me for exceptions)
Two Siblings are $45 (save $5)- within ages 3-12 (email me for exceptions)
Three Siblings are $65 (save $10)- within ages 3-12 (email me for exceptions)

What to Bring:
• A Smile ?
• Fall Leaves-We encourage you to have your child go and find some of their favorite leaves from their house, park or wherever! And they can bring for their own craft! (Tip: best for them to be dry and as flat as possible (a day on advance, you can gently lay a book on them; if not we will have plenty too, so not to worry if you don’t bring any!
• Also bring a smock, or cover shirt to protect from paint, etc. if preferred.
We hope to see you there!
Charlie Widener
Art Unplugged, Artist & Founder
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We Rock the Spectrum – Williamsburg

5251 John Tyler Highway
Williamsburg, US
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