Parent’s who love us….

-It’s a place where we blend in when we spend so much time standing out. Sometimes you just want to be part of the crowd and not the center of everyone’s attention. My husband, James was in the hospital overseas Wendi Bush (a member who moved away) was able to connect with me here and go visit him there. That was hands down my best moment in this group. I came here just for others to understand my stress and got way more than I hoped for. – Heidi French

-There’s no other place where no question is stupid, no problem too big or too small for someone to understand, where the whole family is embraced, loved, and accepted. – Karin Garrett

-It’s a way to connect with other parents on a daily basis. No more social isolation. Love the in-person events where our kids are embraced and accepted for who they are. – Jen S.

-No judgment, acceptance, new friendships not only for our kids but for people who get it, all of the advice, resources, guidance.
Can I also just put love! I have found more friendship in less last few months that I have been in here than I have anywhere.-Ciara R.

– It has been a place where people can ask for help and not feel judged. It is somewhere to celebrate where people will understand the small victories are just as important as the big victories.