I have to share about what happened yesterday!

Cait made the dance competition team at her dance studio this year, and I was worried that she wouldn’t fit in, but her teammates have truly accepted her!

It was their first competition yesterday. On the stage, Cait looked and danced like all the typical girls on her team!

But the most surprising part for me was in the dressing room. There were seven other teams, and their moms in that dressing room, and Cait did her normal spinning and following lines on the floor, etc.

Yall. Not one person laughed at her or made fun. She didn’t say a word to anyone while doing this, and everyone just stepped out of the way and let her do her thing.

Ever since she was diagnosed with several issues, I saw how people treated her differently. But yesterday, she was truly included, not just by her dance team, which has been amazing, but so many strangers as well.
I saw the amazing daughter I dreamed about having when she was born. I am just so happy. 🙂

– Jillian, Autism Mom