McDonald Garden Center enticed me to visit their site by sending me info on their Black Friday Sale.  I am not planning on going anywhere on Black Friday.

Well, at least I wasn’t until I saw their specials.  We need a tree.  And some yard decorations.

Which led me to McDonald Garden Center’s site.

I can make a wreath on December 1st and take the kids to see Santa on December 8th.  They have other activities, too.  

What I am most excited about is the event they have planned before Santa.  Not that I don’t want to take the kids to see Santa.  I do.  It is a perfect photo opportunity in such a gorgeous setting.  

The activity before Santa is the Garden Stone Workshop.  It is at 11:00am. It is a make and take activity.  And it will make a perfect gift for one of the Grandparents.   The cost for the workshop is $15 and includes all materials 😉

 Too boot, this sounds like an awesome event for our Autism Meetup Group, Spectrum Parents.  Who knew opening McDonald Garden Center’s email would be so good.