What a wonderful time we had in Warm Springs and Monterey, VA!

Sometimes you have to get away from the daily life of being a parent and gather together with others of similar interests.  That is what this adventure was all about.  To be able to take a break, relax, and recharge.

This event was our very first “girls weekend” with Autism Spectrum Parents. I found the cutest cottage that looks like it came right out of a magazine – only a half a day’s drive away from Hampton Roads, in Warm Springs, Virginia.

About Warm Springs, Virginia


Warm Springs, Virginia, is tucked in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains west of Richmond in Bath County.  It is best known for its natural warm springs and is a great place to relax.  

Our stay was at the Homestead and included delicious food, art galleries, tranquility pools, hot stone massages, and a chamber music performance. 


The community of Warm Springs developed around the nearby Jefferson Pools in Bath County.  With several historical buildings, including the Waterwheel Restaurant, which is located inside of a converted mill. 


This quiet town is a great getaway from all of the noise and stress of the daily grind. Warm Springs, and nearby Monterey, is a prime spot for autism parents to gather, relax and gain some much-needed respite. 

Providing moments of respite and fun is what we’re all about, and
events like this girls’ weekend are why I love Autism Spectrum Parents.

Gathering with fellow autism parents allowed us to connect with our tribe.

We built Incredible friendships, had non-stop fun, and poured our hearts out with one another – because we were all moms with kids on the autism spectrum. And we knew we were in a non-judgment zone, which is the best place to be. 

It’s moments like these, and a girls weekend like this one, that reminded me why I do what I do here.

Everyone needs to get away. Everyone needs “me” time. Everyone needs to go out, meet friends, and create their tribe.  

We love events like this to help people create their tribe.

And guess what?!

We have an upcoming event we have planned that is right around the corner!

We get to have a spectacular night with Michael Israel on March 20th – he is a rockstar artist that is truly mind-blowing.  

Michael is a world-renowned American artist, entertainer, speaker, and humanitarian famous for “Speed Painting” performances and inspiring compassion and support for many charities including the Special Olympics, Make-A-Wish, Komen Breast Cancer, and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

His live-action painting is mesmerizing, and we’re incredibly excited to have him perform in support of our efforts!


With girls weekend a relaxing success, and with Michael performing for us on March 20th, I’m truly loving every minute.

We aimed to visit and relax and to provide some much-needed respite and a getaway for all of our special autism moms.  And we delivered…

We devoured delicious food, had great wine, visited art galleries, soaked in the tranquility pools, enjoyed hot stone massages immensely, got together with the locals and watched a chamber music performance, had lots of laughs playing pool at the Homestead, inhaled pancake breakfasts with local maple syrup, and visited lots of arts and crafts at their festival. 

In hindsight, that sounds like a lot but the pace was actually perfect. Much, much love and cannot wait to go back again and again and again and again and again!!!!


And for everyone who is waiting, I found an incredible Swinging Bridge on another trip to the Homestead.

I love this Kid.


Need Help?

There is a “place” called Spectrum Parents. When you walk in, you’ll have a gut feeling that everyone there knows you. Families at Spectrum Parents don’t mind if you’re child is having a meltdown on aisle 5. You look around, smile, and relax because you finally found a place where you and your family can be yourselves. And then you realize, you know them too.

Autism Families that have found us…

-It’s a place where we blend in when we spend so much time standing out. Sometimes you just want to be part of the crowd and not the center of everyone’s attention. My husband, James was in the hospital overseas Wendi Bush (a member who moved away) was able to connect with me here and go visit him there. That was hands down my best moment in this group. I came here just for others to understand my stress and got way more than I hoped for. – Heidi French

-There’s no other place where no question is stupid, no problem too big or too small for someone to understand, where the whole family is embraced, loved, and accepted. – Karin Garrett

-It’s a way to connect with other parents on a daily basis. No more social isolation. Love the in-person events where our kids are embraced and accepted for who they are. – Jen S.

-No judgment, acceptance, new friendships not only for our kids but for people who get it, all of the advice, resources, the guidance.
Can I also just put the love! I have found more friendship in less last few months than I have been in here than I have anywhere.-Ciara R.

– It has been a place where people can ask for help and not feel judged. It is somewhere to celebrate where people will understand the small victories are just as important as the big victories.