♥️ This list is simply the best. And it couldn’t have come at a better time! Thank you so very much for sharing Christy. ♥️

Christy is an amazing mom of two smart, funny, and adorable boys. She has taken this time to explore our little corner of the world. I’m am just in awe of her and all she has done for her boys.

Let’s Go!

*Botanical Gardens. Kids area with water sprinklers from the ground they can play in. A big sand pit to climb and dig. Butterfly Garden. You don’t have to stay on the main path. The are lots of little trails to explore also.

*Riverwalk, we found a family of otters feeding in the rocks at the shore, by the bridge near Nauticus.

*Natural Bridge State Park, very cool place to explore. The natural bridge is right by a stream. Walk under the bridge and come across a recreation of an Indian village. Past that you will come to a river with large rocks. My kids LOVE playing in the cool water. There is a museum at the start of the walk you can explore for a fee if open.

*Natural Bridge Safari Park. When we went you were not allowed out of your car due to vivid. Which was fine, still worth the trip. I suggest going early. Lines can get long. Still moves at a descent pace. Buy feed when you purchase your ticket. Lots of animals to feed. Buffalo, deer, zebra, ostrich, etc. Hold tightly to your bucket. The animals like to grab the container. And make sure you hold the bucket outside your vehicle, to avoid spillage and slobber from the animals from getting inside your car. Animals are very used to the drill. They know you are going to feed them and come right up to your car. None covid times there are walking areas. Get up close to giraffes and such.

*Pagoda & Garden Foundation. The garden and statues are great. My kids loved watching the very large koi fish come to the surface and splash.

*Back Bay Wildlife Refuge – great place to take a walk, fish, see various wildlife, can also bike ride. There’s a path that also leads to the beach that you can go play on.

*False Cape State Park, while at Back Bay, walk the extra couple miles to visit here. Unless things are back to normal and the shuttle is taking people. There is an abandoned town. They were traveling for Cape Charles and ended up in what is now known as False Cape. There is relics from the village. The steeple and grave yard. So cool.

*Hermitage Museum has a beautiful garden and trail. There is also a museum. Some weekends there are events. We have done bamboo paining Gs and other crafts there. Oh and a Yurt.

*First Landing State Park is great. Lots of trails to walk or bike through. Across the street in the campground side is access to the beach. My kids love digging up sand crabs.

*Chippoke Plantation State Park is one of my families fave solace to go. Of course there are trails and a park. But what we love is The beach. Lots of shade, drift wood, low waves, and what makes my family excited is hunting for shark teeth. We have found some little ones.

*York River State Park is also very nice. Beach is similar to Chippoke. They say you can find fossils and shark teeth, but we have not found any. Cool shells though!

*Chesapeake Arboretum is has nice family friendly trails across the street from the garden. My kids Pokémon catch while we walk.

*Westmoreland State Park is great. We really enjoy it there. Friendly people. You can also hunt for shark teeth there. Views are amazing. We see lots of lizards off the trail on trees when we go.

*loveWorks, if you are into the “Love” signs, google loveworks. It will give the the location for all the signs.

*NN Burger in Tappahannock has awesome food, but what my kids love is the “Shakenstein”! It’s a milkshake with frosting and sprinkles on the rim, whip cream. Choc chip cookie sandwich topped with cotton candy and a gummy cheese burger. Sometimes it is a doughnut instead of a cookie sandwich. The fries and grilled chicken sandwich are also delicious. But for a special treat, get the shakenstein. You get to keep the glass mason jar it comes in.

*Tree Carving Trail in Wallace, Va is like a fairy Forrest. A local artist carves cartoon characters and things into the trees. When you arrive there is a ziplock bag with a map marking all the trees. We chose to wing it and make it like a scavenger hunt. We saw an adult fawn while hunting. This was one of my son who has Autism’s fave places to go. There are many benches throughout to rest on.

*Maymont Park is awesome. There is a petting zoo. We had to keep our distance due to the virus, but it was still fun. They have farm animals, bears, Buffalo, etc. keep walking and you will come across a Japanese Garden. It is beautiful….plus it has a waterfall that you can walk up to and get some great pictures. There are historical houses to explore. Being a picnic lunch. Many lay out blankets and have family time. This place is huge. We still have much to explore here.

*Strawberry picking. Lots of places to go and pick your own berries with the family. Lighthouse. Walk up a very minimal trail to the top of the hill where the light house sits. Kids posed on the steps and ran around it. There is a telescope near it that looks over the valley.

*Chincoteague State Park. Trails that take you to Pony Look Over where you will hopefully see wild horses. We were not so lucky.

* Assateague Chincoteague McDonalds. Grab some lunch and feed the wild ponies right there at McDonalds. You will need change for feed, it’s in a gum ball machine. We fed 5-6 horses.


I’m so excited! Thank you Christy!!!!

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