I thought I’d never homeschool. This kid is lightyears ahead of me. But, we are doing it. AND we survived our first day. He survived Engineering and I survived being a “teacher” again. Interestingly, he learned that the kids at Homeschooling Out of the Box are academically ahead (in comparison to public schools). Also, his teachers have been telling him (and us) that he’s smarter than them – yes, his teachers. Today he found out he’s not the smartest kid and didn’t like that feeling. That’s ok – at least now he’s being challenged.

Overall, I’m thrilled. Surprisingly, it was a very productive day. He started on his Utopia Project, did “chores,” ate lunch with friends, and went to Drama & Engineering. To boot, I touched base with Vicky Manning, a VBCPS Board Member and we are meeting her to talk about a possible internship.

I’m still working on Dual Enrollment at TCC, Wesleyan, and/or ODU. Fingers crossed we get scheduled for his placement tests soon. The goal is to start dual enrollment in the spring. I’m doing “unschooling,” this semester, which is highly recommended in the homeschooling community.

Tomorrow should be good. We’re going to a homeschooling co-op in Norfolk for Quiz Bowl (fingers crossed) and to take a Chess class. The google family calendar I created is driving me insane – I thought I was being so efficient. Nope. Way too many alarms.

Wish us luck- he’s never going to fall asleep after drinking 2 cups of coffee and an energy drink. I’ve got to get us both to the gym and drinking smoothies asap. Thankfully, he’s my Mikey.


  • Government & Political Opportunities
  • Driver’s License
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Tour the White House West Wing
  • Richmond Field Trip-while Congreve is in session
  • Leave this place better than you found it by creating & implementing three acts of kindness.