Talk about a roller coaster ride. One minute he wants to finish high school early. Next he wants to graduate with all his friends from Kempsville. Now we are back to graduating early. Then he doesn’t like homeschooling at all. It’s only been a little over a week. At this point, he doesn’t know what he wants. How could he? On the other hand, my husband is totally against him going back to Kempsville high school. The only way I’d let him go back is if he didn’t have access to a chrome book or his phone; therefore no hang outs. Like that is going to happen.

Too boot,, he’s wants to be able to have constructive communication with us so we understand him better. I am all for that, but he gets angry before he realizes why he’s upset. I would much rather us deal with why he’s angry first. Then we can move onto constructive communication.

“Homeschooling is boring.” I asked him what classes at KHS made his heart go pitter patter and he couldn’t wait to go back each day?? I got crickets.

Even though last night was beyond rough, I got more hugs than I could count – and the whole time he was telling me he loves me. ♥️

Here are some of the few things I did yesterday trying to make this transition a little easier.

  • Got in touch with Janet again at TCC about Dual Enrollment. The goal is to get him started in the spring.
  • Create a thread in Facebook to find out how many other highschooler’s there are between the ages of 14 and 16 who’d like to go to the mall, movies, skating, or even the rec center. I also found someone who likes to go 4wheeling.
  • Remind him several times to get his air put in his tire so he can go and see his friends from last year.
  • Reached to Joy Moore to find out when our high school planning meeting is because apparently my calendar ate it.
  • His favorite subject at Kempsville high school was public speaking. The next best thing that we have in homeschooling is drama. He signed up for one and it’s OK. So, I signed him up for another one but it interferes with His kempsville activities on Friday. So the teacher said that he could just come on Mondays. Problem solved.

And this is who Kempsville High School let slip through their fingers