Theresa-Zano-McMillan-Autism-MomSuzi-I want to thank you for being my beacon, when I was lost (I was so lost) and didn’t really know where to go. Izzy was banging her head, waking at night, Alan and I were taking turns taking off from work just to sleep, izzy was on the third antibiotic, YOUR post about having to go see Dr. Han (ENT) served as a sign.

Before seeing your post, I thought I had tried EVERYTHING so I didn’t know which way to go, maybe because I was just too tired but you helped me (and Izzy) more than I’ll ever be able to express.

I am grateful….and to those who continued to encourage me, friends and family, THANK YOU!

“Theresa you are too kind. I am tickled you got into to see Dr. Han. He is a very patient and thorough doc. I am thrilled beyond words that Izzy is getting the help she needs and your whole family is getting some peace. Thank you. (You almost made me speechless)” – Suzi

“Thanks for being there for me! Speechless, that’s how I felt when Dr Han said we had “options”...there was going to be relief for izzy. Izzy has had these episodes since she was 1.5 years old…its was like my heart just filled up, I was feeling like something was missing (wrong) for a long time and now I feel…it unexplainable…humbled and thankful!” – Theresa

“Wow!!! What a legacy of support you’ve created in this group. When I think of how many lives have been made better because of the connection and support in this group, I’m overwhelmed. So much good for so many years for so many people. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” – Glory 

Theresa and may others have been my mentors for years. She made life so much better. 

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