I’m Not a Teacher

I’m not a teacher. I don’t have a child in a public school at the moment. But, why can’t lessons be pre recorded and homework given appropriately?
My full time working friends and friends with special needs kiddos are pulling their hair out trying to keep their kids in compliance with being on a computer from 8ish-3ish. And yes, many have accommodations in place.
I’m not saying pre recording is the answer for all kids, but it’s not even being given as an option to the parents I know that are struggling. Their kids are truly losing it. Not to mention daycare providers for working parents have to maintain it.
No answer is perfect. No one will be 100% happy. It just seems the folks that are really struggling don’t seem to have the support they were promised.
And BTW, these teachers are doing amazing. They are trying so hard. I give you all credit and hope your admins are treating you well!!
– Dana Schrader, Spectrum Parent’s Mom