Kempsville Middle School Open House

It just seems wrong to take a 10 year old to a middle school open house!!!

Middle School!!!

But, we did…last night.  We all shuffled our way into the Kempsville Middle Auditorium.  First thing out of my kids mouth was, “I want to do the AVID Program.”  (YAY!) The AVID Program is meant for kids who struggle, but want to attend college.  Perfect for my son.  He is ADHD and with that he has a hard time with organization, focusing, and impulsiveness.

We heard a couple times by the Kempsville teachers that they are in competition to get the kids into their elective courses.  They went through all the electives…Teen Living, Foreign Language, Chorus, Tech Ed, and Computers.

He was still stuck on doing AVID until they showed the woodshop room while discussing Tech Ed. I had to pick his chin up from off the floor SEVERAL TIMES. Tech Ed took the cake.  AVID is out the window.  And, that is okay.  I want him to like school, to be excited about going.  Tech Ed looks like it might give him that extra bounce in his step and motivation to get out of bed in the morning!

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