IEP Given Up on Public SchoolsI can’t do 1 more IEP meeting because it won’t make a difference.

I’m sharing this story for the newbies. I grew up here, went to school here, and fought a good 17 years for my kids – here. I never thought I would be that mom to homeschool.

➖ Elementary school was easier to get what he needed. He was bullied and I used that to get him a 1:1 as the fear of going to school was impeding his education. We did daily behavior sheets, first/then, and he had social skills with the counselor. Even though he is crazy smart, his social skills were also impeding his education. He actually mooned someone in PE. Good times.

➖ Middle School was MUCH easier. I had the same team for all three years and they adored him. And they took me off the fence more than once. They knew it was just as important to make sure I was ok regarding his IEP, as much as it was helping my kiddo.

➖ High School broke me. I never thought I’d still be fighting in High School. I went at them with non-compliance, due process and went all the way up the chain. They DID NOT care. They totally disregarded non-compliance and due process. They dropped the ball when his English teacher came back from maternity leave in January. Before she came back, I was ready to dissolve his IEP & do a 504. He had been doing great and they weren’t providing services, so it made sense to go for the 504. But, when his English teacher returned, she doubled to tripled his workload. He had a meltdown. Withdrew and amassed 16 zeros. 4 IEP meetings, 1 triannual, countless phone calls/emails with admin, and a few visits to the AP. Instead of fixing the problem, they put him in a resource room instead of his study block. We went from a 15-minute consult to a self-contained classroom. They didn’t teach him any skills, just played catch up all the time.

So I’m homeschooling him this year. He is lightyears ahead of me academically and is worried that his “friends” will drop him. So not a perfect solution, but hopefully better.

All schools are different. Maybe it would’ve been better at Salem, Kellam, First Colonial, or Landstown. Who knows.

My whole point is it might make a difference talking about non-compliance or due process or it might not. It all depends on your team, the school, and your district.