KelsKids Camps are amazingly cool because…
“when the kids are in the water, they are equal,” says Kellie Maier, Owner of KelsKids.

Kellie Maier is simply wonderful. She not only teaches kids with disabilities how to Stand Up Paddle Board, Surf, and Swim, she teaches their siblings as well,  so social skills are a huge part of her plan. All the while, we are soaking up Vitamin D on the beach!!! What could be better?

Photography and Real Estate are my passions.  These photos are yours – to love, download, print, and frame.   Video Part 1 and Video Part 2

Much, much love, and ever lasting gratitude to everyone who came out and supported Kelskids!!!! It was an EPIC success!!!!!! XOXO

Guess who won the Green Machine???  One Lucky Kiddo!!!

KelsKids Virginia Beach

Dr. Eric Madren, an Autism specialist, was our key note speaker! KelsKids S.U.P. team kids demonstrated some training activites, and special honoree 23 yr old Stephen Todd assistant instructor spoke on the challenges of overcoming living with a disability.

We raised enough to replace the stolen SUP Boards plus be able to offer  SUP/Surf KelsKids grants to families with kids with disabilities.

To see the whole schedule, please join Spectrum Parents.

Her next endeavor is the Autism Special Olympic SUP Races. Four (4) winners will have the chance to go to Hawaii and race in the Autism Special Olympics this Spring.


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