Kempsville Cinema Cafe has stepped up by showing sensory-friendly films. This will make life a lot easier for my kiddos when we go to the movies!

Sensory Friendly means…

  • The lights will stay on through-out the show
  • It won’t be so loud…YAY.  I really like this one!
  • Previews will be skipped (still working this one out)
  • My kids won’t feel judged.  The families that attend these movies will understand as we are all dealing with similar issues.

The Kempsville and Hampton Cinema Cafe ran their first sensory-friendly film, Wreck-It Ralph, on November 13th. Caitlin Hylinski, the event manager at Cinema Cafe, told me it was a success, at least for Kempsville! The Kempsville location had 40 moviegoers. That is PROMISING! In Hampton, no one came out.

So when is the next one?? And will it be at the Kempsville location???

Nothing is set in stone yet. They are considering doing one at the Pembroke or Greenbrier location next. I suggested the next showing be a little earlier.  Maybe at 5 o’clock??? I also think they should try the Greenbrier location next to accommodate the Western Branch folks. Just my 2 cents!