Sunwheelers playing basketball at Kempsville Elementary

I love, love, love my kid’s school!   Kempsville Elementary went above and beyond helping the kids understand Ability Awareness by bringing in the SunWheelers once AGAIN.

If you have not seen them live, run do not walk. They. Are. That. Good. The kids, teachers, admin, and parents all look forward to this over-the-top fun-filled assembly. Kempsville Elementary’s PTA goal is to bring them back yearly. Is it on the books for next year?  Oh, yeah!

What exactly happened at Kempsville Elementary that was so good?

  1. The kids get to go to an ASSEMBLY.  That is ALWAYS a good thing, right???
  2. Then, there are 2 teams made up of 3 SunWheelers and 3 Kempsville Teachers and or Admin…
  3. Everyone on the team is in a wheelchair.  Everyone.
  4. Then, they play basketball.  You can imagine how much the kids adore seeing their teachers, Vice Principal, and Principal play ball.  If I could bottle that energy in that gym…
  5. At the end of the game, which is about 15-20 mins, Jody Shiflet does a question and answer session with the students.  Each class gets to ask one preselected questions.  When they get up to ask, they state their name, teachers name, and ask their question.  My youngest got to participate this year!

What do the students gain???

The Abilities Awareness Program helps students understand the challenges of others and witness their abilities, not disabilities.  It allows for questions to be addressed about the physically handicapped and exposes the students to the myriad of adaptive sports opportunities.