Autism Spectrum Parents

How many shows has Oprah done on giving?  A million or 2??? And, she always said something like, “Whatever you give, you will get it back tenfold.”  I think she was on to something! I am one of the lucky ones to have gotten back “tenfold” what I gave.  Two years ago, I created a Facebook group for parents with kids on the Autism Spectrum.

And, boy, the love, support and guidance I get from being part of this group is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

It has grown to over 250 members and most of us are local.  We have some near and dear members in other states that came to us from Surfer’s Healing, which is a world-wide program, but we are lucky enough to have one in Virginia Beach.

In Spectrum Parents, we pour our hearts out about things we can’t or won’t share anywhere else.   From daily concerns like stimming and sleepless nights to bigger, more HEART-STOPPING, what am I going to do concerns like:

  1. Having to move and knowing the change may make your child “go into himself” for who knows how long.

  2. Knowing you child needs more help, guidance, and care while the school turning a deaf ear.

  3. Wondering how is my child going to make it in this world.

With all my heart and soul, I L-O-V-E this group.  LOVE.  I love that I can post at 2am about my son not sleeping and SOMEONE will be THERE for me to give me a cyber HIGH-FIVE and give me much needed support to make it through the night.  I love that it is REALLY helping other parents.  What I love to no-end is that we have moved off Facebook and met in REAL LIFE.  Yes, REAL LIFE.
  1. Christmas Party with Santa and his Sleigh
  2. Easter Egg Hunt (I made the paper!)
  3. Surfing Lessons with Seth Broudy
  4. Coffee & Chat with The Autism Society, Tidewater Chapter
I am over-the-top thankful for the friendships I have from this group.  I  KNOW that even if Facebook comes crashing down one day, we will stay connected and tied together not only through our kids, but through the bonds we have created sharing, venting, and helping one another.