Lance came into this world at 32 weeks and weighing in at just 5lbs. Within 24 hours he dropped to 4lbs but after just 1 week we took our tiny baby home. He didn’t eat solids until he was 3 due to swallowing issues and didn’t walk until 4. He was nonverbal until 4 1/2 when he began scripting. By age 5 he was functionally scripting and between 6 & 7 the scripting began to leave and true speech emerged.

Until Friday scripting had basically disappeared. On our 3 hr trip down to Norfolk, Lance carried on a 15-minute monologue (scripting) and when he finished I said, “what was that?”

Lance: Oh did I say that out loud? It was the end of FNAF.
Me: You memorized the end of FNAF?
Lance: No, I can script the entire thing, I always script.
Me: I haven’t heard you script since you were 7.

Lance: Mom, the need is still there, I just do it in my head so no one can hear me. It helps me organize my thoughts into words.

Wow, never would I have guessed this. I never scripted, possibly because I’m not an auditory person.

–Alicia Frye, Spectrum Parent Mom

What is Scripting?
“It has a purpose: to share meaning, it has a social intent and an expression of feelings and/or experiences from their own world of knowledge. Our kids don’t yet have the language in terms of content, ideas, knowledge about the world, grammar, and structure. It may be considered a problem with language comprehension and may not be as expected or considered appropriate from our perspective.”