I did TWO laughter yoga classes this morning. Talk about stress relief! The first one was great because they incorporated meditation. Both lasted less than thirty minutes. The second was also great because it was world wide. And if you’ve done Laughter Yoga, there’s usually 1-2 people who really make you laugh. With Zoom, you can highlight that person which is AWESOME. Then at the end, people said “very good, very good, yay!” in their language.  I loved it.????

What is Laughter Yoga? 

 ➖ It’s circle time for anyone who wants to laugh. Remember when you were a teen and you that one friend that when they laughed, you couldn’t help it and laughed too? My guy was Jimmy. In these classes you’ll find your Jimmy.➖

Spectrum Parents Events, Org.

Virginia Beach, VA
239 Spectrum Parents Events

With all my heart and soul, I L-O-V-E this group. LOVE. I love that I can post at 2am about my son not sleeping and SOMEONE will be THERE for me to give me a cyber HIGH-FIVE a…

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