Summer 2013 

We had a insanely FUN summer at our Autism Meet-ups!!!  From learning how to SUP & Surf  with KelsKids and Atlantic Paddle Source, Beach Nights, Ocean Breeze Days, Visiting McDonald Garden Center to plant our OWN VENUS FLYTRAPS, and Running with New Energy POWER, life was crazy cool.

Virginia Beach Summer
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My goal at the beginning of the summer was to…

Bring on laughter so hard that tears stream down our cheeks, grins so wide that they nearly split open our faces, and create endless summertime memories…and I happy to say that my goal was accomplished and I loved every minute of it.


Atlantic Paddle Source with Scott Cohen
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Atlantic Paddle Source Meet-Up Meet-Up

SUP with Scott Cohen

Spectrum Parents Autism Meetup - Virginia Beach
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Beach Night – Oh sooo much FUN!!! 


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KelsKids 2013 -Building Insane Confidence Meet-Up


Venus FlyTrap - Spectrum Parents - 3
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McDonalds Garden Center – Venus FlyTraps: Let’s Eat Some Bugs with Autism Spectrum Parents!!!! Ewww!!!!! Meet-Up


Venus Flytraps – August 24, 2013

Oceanbreeze Autism Meet-Up
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Oceanbreeze Meet-Up

Yoga and Autism
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Yoga Meet-up



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