The vast majority of autism families not only suffer from stress – therapy – OT/PT/Speech to ABA, Social Skills and massive diet changes, including vitamins, B12 shots, etc, most of our kids get sick and we don’t know why. The doctors are stumped.  Too boot, parents are sick too. Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety, GI issues, Migraines, Trigeminal neuralgia, Crohn’s, and other autoimmune diseases. In my opinion, we are sick due to gut issues and stress. Not to mention all the divorces-so many parents in my group are divorcing on top of everything else. 

Spectrum Parents was created to provide activities that promote self-care so parents stay healthy. Healthy or not, we still throw the kitchen sink at autism. Parents don’t stop – we exhaust every avenue. Another goal is to create over the top events for our kids where parents don’t have to care what other parents think. Kids get to experience crazy fun events because we get it.

“Melt Down on Isle 5” is ok, because everyone is in the same boat. 

Spectrum Parents also gives to other autism parents in crisis. We raised $325 for two parents who are scared – their kids are very sick. We take also care of one another. Need something? Just ask. It is truly a spectacular group. 

We help one another