Being a military brat instilled an innate desire to move every couple of years. We moved every 2-2.5 years like clockwork. It was a chance to escape the past and re-invent myself. I got to hold on to the best and let go of the rest.

Not to mention, my parents gave us a extraordinarily wonderful childhood. Sure, I sat on a fish hook once, got my foot stuck in the back of my dirt bike tire with my hand on the throttle and had a few other tiny bumps. But, nothing can compare to living an exhilarating life that our parents created for us…houseboats vacations, tubing, catching tons of fish in swimming holes, boating under the golden gate bridge, being able to see Alcatraz from our backyard, and tearing up the canyons on my dirt bike.

But, some of best memories always included walking out of school on a Friday afternoon and seeing our camper packed and our parents waiting to take us on another great adventure.