Beach Nights…there is nothing better!!!

Autism Moments that ROCK come every so often and when they do, you will see parents crying with tears of joy, doing the happy dance, clapping, shouting, and hugging their child with so much love, it radiates off their bodies.

I CANNOT wait to do another beach night again with Spectrum Parents.  We are so lucky we live in area that allows us to hit the beach, even in the fall. We went to Sandbridge Beach this time, but maybe next time, we will try the North End in Virginia Beach.

Autism Moments that ROCK

Vania O’Keefe, the President of our local Autism Society Board joined us with her three kiddos. She is an insanely  amazing MOM, WIFE, FRIEND, Attorney, PTA Vice President, Autism Society President, and so much more.  After she watched the video, she wrote to me:

That video was wonderful! I can’t believe you did that so quickly! I got goosebumps 🙂 And by the way, my favorite part was watching Sean, who just a year ago was absolutely terrified of the beach, try to get on the boogie board and do what the other kids were doing. What an amazing moment that was 🙂

Spectrum Parents Autism Meetup - Virginia Beach

My dear friend Laura Tomon said: 

What I was most appreciative of was the opportunity to socialize without judgements. We as parents always feel we need to protect our kids from “normal” families and we can never just relax and let our guard down. The freedom from scrutiny allowed us to actually relax and see the joy on our kids faces. That was my favorite part.

Spectrum Parents Autism Meetup - Virginia Beach

Hilda Guzman had a fabulous time too.  She is new to the group and oh so much fun!!!! She said: 

It was fun to be around other families and Ricky had a wonderful time.

Spectrum Parents Autism Meetup - Virginia Beach

Glory Buyrn is always upbeat and just one of those people you gravitate towards.  She loved getting to sneak away with her kids!!

My kids loved having fun with me and the other kids there. Having a meetup that we’ve committed to attend, forces me to go out and do fun activities with my kids. So many times I talk myself out of the “fun stuff” in lieu of the work, which always seems more important. I like scheduling in fun time with the family. It shows the kids a side of mom that they and I love to see! Thanks so much for that opportunity.

Spectrum Parents Autism Meetup - Virginia Beach

My two kiddos loved it too.  When I asked them what their favorite part was, they said:

YOU.  Because you complimented me on doing a 180 on my boogie board.  (Oh, how I love him)…#littlesurfersrule

Spectrum Parents Autism Meetup - Virginia Beach

My oldest said he loved boogie boarding and hanging out with his friend, Peyton. (I am so tickled that Peyton is back from visiting his Dad this summer!!!! BTW, Peyton is Laura’s son)

Spectrum Parents Autism Meetup - Virginia Beach

What I loved most about this meet-up and Spectrum Parents is the friendships I have gained.  Life is so much better with other Autism Mommies in it.

Spectrum Parents Autism Meetup - Virginia Beach

Even though I am fighting tooth and nail for summer not to end, it is going to happen.  So, here are a couple more of our favorite meet-ups for the fall.