We got him!!!!








We like to PLAY. Giggle. Runaway. Go off-roading. Share our biggest fears. Be adventurous. Create incredible memories. Take tons of pics. Go Ice Skate with Super Hero’s. Ride in Santa’s Sleigh. Guzzle adult beverages at Autism on Ice. Hold each other’s hands. Go Tubing. Watch amazing sunsets. Surf. Laugh till we cry. Eat scrumptious food at our Breakfast & Lunch Club. Make S’mores. Dance on Tables. Go on Retreats. Make friends. Chill at Beach Nights. Play Russian Egg-Roulette. Support one another. Enjoy Laughter Yoga. Learn from Master Chefs. Get massages. Cheer each other on. Meditate. Make Trick or Treating AWESOME again. Go to concerts. Share resources. Find waterfalls & swinging bridges. Swim in hot springs. Talk for hours. Celebrate Birthdays. Be there – no matter what.

All our cool autism events?➖You Make Them Happen 

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