Run, Do Not Walk to First Landing State Park…

WHY?  Because we have Spanish Moss.  

First Landing State Park and Spanish Moss

My kids adore First Landing State Park.  Not so much for the Spanish Moss.  That is for me.

No, they love it most of all for the ROPE SWING.

First Landing State Park Moss

Almost there….

First Landing State Park Moss


This is quite a rope swing.  They placed it on a small cliff over looking the Chesapeake Bay.  I would recommend your kids be at least 8 years old and not scared of heights.  My oldest thinks it is the best thing ever!!  My youngest?  Not so much!

ADHD/Autism Benefits

My kids love this park.  Basically, they love any park in the woods. Research (GOOLGE!) ADHD/Autism and Nature benefits. You will be amazed.  Kids with ADHD/Autism slow down, breathe, and are able to focus longer on undesirable tasks.   I have seen it first hand. Like my friend, Glory Leigh said, it is very therapeutic.

To get to the Rope Swing:
Enter the park on 64th street.   Follow that in, skip the small first parking lot and park at the second one.  If you reach the boat ramp, you have gone too far. Parking is right in front of the little beach.  Skip the beach and the trail is off to your left.  Then the rope swing is about 1/2 mile down on your right.