Recently someone told me that I made Spectrum just to get business- real estate – business. In case you’re wondering if that’s true, this might interest you…

I can remember the exact moment in 2011 I decided to create Spectrum Parents. My son had been punished again by his bus driver. This was early on in the school year and she placed him in the seat behind her until June.

And that was it. I needed help. I needed support. I needed validation. Most importantly I needed to find parents who were in the same boat as me & got it.

I knew I wanted Spectrum to be local and for families who had kids on the spectrum. It grew and grew. You guys helped me so much.

  • The drunk laughter? Yeast.
  • Going into himself? Diet, specifically casein.
  • Friends – LEGO club, get togethers, Park days, Santa & Easter.

Life kept going and everything I did revolved around our boys. Most of you know I work with my mom and that we are partners in Real Estate in Virginia Beach. Because of my job and support from Bill, I was able to do all these crazy fun events – the last major one we did was close to 1k. And I cannot thank enough the friends in this group who have let us help them buy and/or sell their homes. You guys made these dream events come true. Now that we are a non-profit I raise money to make events more affordable. So everyone can join. Like Paint Barefoot on the Beach. It is a Rock Star Art Performance. Truly jaw-dropping. 

I love the excitement and pure joy on our kids faces – when they pop up on a surf board for the first time, seeing Santa and his Sleigh come around the corner, eating ooey gooey s’mores, our kids pushing themselves to the limit at Go Ape, hunting Easter Eggs, creating Epic Scarecrows, letting my husband teach your kid how to boogie board, being able to sit in a tire so big with two other kids – perfect photo opp, and riding Grave Digger on the beach – exhilaration and happiness all rolled into one.

Now that we have, our get togethers have exploded. Last night we had a Jimmy Fallon Party – it truly was epic.

There are so many more priceless moments we’ve shared together. Got some? I’d love to hear yours-just drop them in the comments ♥️.

You guys are my tribe. Much love and many, many thanks to everyone.

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