When I was in the trenches of autism, I desperately needed help. My youngest had regressed tremendously and we were lost. We tried everything, but support was one thing that was missing. That’s when I started Spectrum Parents.

Our group is the best – you can ask for help anytime – night or day and someone is there to send you a virtual hug or high five. And Spectrum is so much more than support.

We meet in REAL LIFE too.

We had a huge Santa Party this year at the Aviation Museum where every kiddo went on a sleigh ride, ate some goodies and sat on Santa’s lap to receive a gift. It was truly a magical night.

We’ve been 3 times to VB Ice and it was hands down awesome. We even got some incredibly patient volunteers to help and give rides. Our last outdoor skating event is on Jan 6th.

Our next event is Skating to the 80s. We reserved the whole rink so kids can be kids and parents don’t have to worry about being judged.

We are all in the same boat, so it is nice to talk with other parents who “get it.” Brunches and lunches are monthly, girls night out are always fun, whale watching with the kiddos – sometimes it’s just for parents and weekend getaways are not bad, not to mention all the sensory activities for our kiddos. More fun outings to come… including a girls retreat 🙂 #spectrumparents

This calendar has been building for years. You can poke around, find what interests you, maybe some social activities for your family or just for YOU...myautismevents.com


A little Bit About Me…

I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister…I am an amateur photographer, advocate, Realtor, Founder of Autism Spectrum Parents, LLC, a former Special Ed Teacher and Social Worker. My family is active and every day we get on a unique roller coaster ride. And the ride is vastly different for each kiddo. One is happily zig-zagging along on the Autism Spectrum and the other is moving at superhuman speed with ADHD in the driver’s seat. We all hold on tight and enjoy the ride. Along the way, our goal is to love life, take risks, and enjoy the little things. Our kids are now 14 & 16. It does get easier, I promise.

Giving back to families with kids on the Autism Spectrum Parents is my passion. Need help now? Join Spectrum Parents (you must live in Hampton Roads and have a child on the spectrum) You do not need to be alone on this journey.

Helping first time buyers, families with kids on the spectrum, friends and military families move is why I am a Realtor®.