Natural Way Cafe Kempsville

Natural Way Cafe is located right in the Kemps River Shopping Center on Fordham Drive.  I have been dying to get there to taste test EVERYTHING.  Yesterday I made it 😉

Natural Way Cafe in Kempsville


I opted for a GREEN Smoothie and it was WOW!  Spinach, Berries, Wheatgrass, Carrots, and Celery.


Organic Kempsville

Organic Kempsville Menu

Here is a bit about why they opened Natural Way Cafe:

Natural Way Cafe is a basic Organic, Gluten-free, All Natural Breakfast n Lunch Cafe. My whole life I lived with Migraines that would make me sick to the point of throwing up. I would have to lay in bed and not get up until it was gone. I went to doctor after doctor thinking there was something medically wrong with me and came to find out it was FOOD. Anything processed or with MSG.

Then I did a big research and found out about GMO’s, Gluten, Processed foods and at that point I changed my whole diet and have not had a migraine from foods since 2004.I hear people all the time talk about food allergies and they really think there is something with them and take so much medication thinking something is wrong and will eventually help them when really it’s the food we put in our mouth. I just really want to get my story out there so other people can hear or see they might be dealing with the same situation.