Sometime you have to RUN AWAY.


Some of the places we love include Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Hatteras, 86th Street at the North End in Virginia Beach, Red Mill Park in Virginia Beach (soooo many photo opps there!!), First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, Stumpy Lake in Virginia Beach, Noland Trail in Newport News, False Cape in Virginia Beach (have you checked out the Gator yet?), the Funny Bone in Virginia Beach, Cloud9 in Chesapeake, Chilled Ponds in Chesapeake, and even the neighborhood school park.   

Where is your favorite place to go in Hampton Roads?

Karin Mathias Garrett:  Little island! And the drive is long, but Munden Point in pungo is beautiful. On the water so great for pics!!!

Munden Point
Beverly Dickson Sherman Little Island is nice but water is often rough. Surfers go there.  Nice shower facilities.
Suzi Toth Noyes-Realtor: I love Little Island too!!!! Have you guys been to False Cape? Google The Gator at False Cape – they only run it in the winter and on the weekend, I think?

Little Island
Justin Simonitsch:  Waterside in downtown Norfolk and along the Elizabeth River Trail throughout Norfolk.
Irene Conlin:  A little-know water way in Arrowhead neighborhood – we call it ‘Turtle Lake”..not sure what the real name is…
Debbie Durig: Northwest river park is one of ours. 

You guys soooo made my day!!!!  

Thank you for sharing your secret, go to places with me!!!!